Vegan in Barcelona! Part 1

Last month I went on a fabulous trip to Barcelona where I got to sample some truly delightful vegan cuisine at some awesome restaurants. I’d heard Barcelona would be tricky to find vegan-friendly food but I soon discovered this was not the case at all! A browse on the Happy Cow app provided me with a plethora of veggie and vegan cafes, shops and restaurants and today I’m going to share some of my finds with you! In part one we’ll look at my favourite restaurants we visited!

  1. Veggie Garden


This was one of the first restaurants we visited and it had such a cool vibe! There are two locations, both of wish we visited during our stay of course! There was a huge menu and they specialise in Thali – where they serve a variety of Indian dishes on a tray with rice and other yummy extras! I got a salad on the first day which was yummy, but I had major food envy when they brought out my friend’s Thali so I made sure to try my own on our second visit.



2. Hummus Barcelona

Oh my goodness. I suppose I could think of my diet a bit like a house, using fruits and veggies for the bricks and hummus and peanut butter as the cement. If your diet is anything like mine, or you have a passion for hummus as I do, you have to visit this place while you’re in Barcelona. Of course, the clue is in the name, and there is a whole selection of hummus to try. As if that wasn’t enough, the pitta is out of this world. The best pitta I have ever eaten, no contest. I’m tempted to get in contact and ask for the recipe. It was like eating a pillow, a glorious pitta pillow – dunked in the most decadent hummus imaginable.


They also served other mains including some veggie options which included eggs, so if you are with non-vegans there will be stuff for them to enjoy too! My friend wasn’t vegan or veggie, but she was more than happy to try out all the restaurants during our trip and led me to believe that she enjoyed 99% of the food on offer! The only meal I think she didn’t enjoy during the whole trip was the shakshuka she had here, because she doesn’t actually like eggs but thought she’d give it a go anyway! Suffice to say we had more than enough food as we ordered the menú del día which included a salad starter, main, pitta and dessert and we ordered a side of delicious hummus!

3. Vegetalia

Vegetalia has 3 restaurants in Barcelona and is a vegetarian restaurant with plenty of vegan options. I tried the vegetable paella for a bit of Spanish authenticity and it was pretty tasty! The bit that impressed us most though was the delicious carrot cake we shared for dessert, which had tofu frosting! I have no idea how they did it as I could not tell there was tofu in it at all, it was delicious (and a good healthy size slab of cake too which is always great to see)!


4. Flax and Kale 

As much as I loved Hummus Barcelona, Flax and Kale just pipped it to the number one spot. Slightly pricier but superb quality, this restaurant is a must visit for any foodie travelling here. We went twice, and tried some of the most amazingly healthy vegan food imaginable. It’s not an entirely veggie/vegan restaurant as they also serve some healthy fish dishes, so your non-vegan friends will be happy here too. To be honest, anyone who cares about eating healthy will love this place though, vegan or not. Prepare for many photos:


It’s got a different vibe to some vegan restaurants which can have a bit of a “hippy” stigma to them. It’s more of a trendy healthy eating restaurant so the perfect place to bring friends and family!

We shared an amazing starter one night which was a mezze and included some interesting flavours of hummus: charcoal being one of them!


The desserts were obviously my favourite and included a pear and chocolate cake as well as a brownie topped with dairy free ice cream – we swapped the vanilla for sweet potato flavour! It was surreal but super creamy and tasty.

So there are my favourite vegan friendly restaurants in Barcelona, be sure to check back soon for part two in which I’ll be letting you know my favourite places for sweets and treats while out and about!

April x



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    October 6, 2016 / 3:08 pm

    Great job April! xxx Silvia

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