Vegan in Barcelona! Part 2

Welcome back! If you’ve not already seen it, be sure to check out my first post about some great vegan restaurants I visited during my trip to Barcelona. But now it’s time for part 2, all about my second favourite activity: snacking! (FYI – my first favourite activity is eating meals!)

Ice Cream

Okay let’s face it, whether you’re on a beach holiday or a city break in a warm environment, it is obligatory to enjoy an ice cream at some point! Barcelona has many ice cream vendors dotted around and each we walked past seemed to offer a variety of sorbets which would be suitable for vegans – wahoo! We actually went seeking a specific ice cream shop however, which I had found on Happy Cow.


Shanti Gelato can be found in the Born area and is well worth the visit for vegans and non-vegans alike. We went as I’d heard they did actual vegan ice cream rather than sorbet, made with a rice, oat, soya or almond milk base. What I didn’t realise is that this place also has a tonne of heart and soul too! Opened by an Argentinian couple, they use a mix of Italian and Argentinian recipes with entirely natural ingredients. Ingredients are bought locally, many of which from the Boqueria market each day! Nothing artificial, artisan and more importantly completely delicious, there is nothing not to love about this place! I enjoyed an apple and cinnamon ice cream whilst my friend had a milkshake (I can’t remember the exact flavour but if you’re wanting more for your money she said she saw the waitress add about 4 scoops of ice cream to the blender!!)

Another day, we visited Sant Pol de Mar to go to the beach. I would highly recommend this if you have time to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. I thought it might be a struggle to find vegan ice cream out of town but the cafe we visited whilst there (it was right next to the station, I think it was called Deby) had another great range of sorbets! All their flavours had cards next to them clearly stating if they contained all they allergens, so it was very easy for me to enjoy a delicious sorbet while we waited for the train home! I went for 2 flavours: mango and banana.


Mercado de Boqueria

As we were off to the beach, we made sure to stop by the Boqueria to pick up some snacks for the day! You’ll find it just off La Rambla and it is well worth the visit. It’s a great place to have a little potter around, with lots of stalls brimming with fresh fruit and other goodies like juices and smoothies!


Also on offer were meats, cheeses, breads, dried fruit and nuts. This was great as we picked up some bread and olives, tomatoes, fruit to share, then my friend could get herself some ham and cheese to make up sandwiches with. I opted for some nuts and dried fruit but beware: although the fruit is cheap, the dried fruit and nuts are very expensive. I know that they’re quite costly in this country, but two small bags cost me €11!! I was determined to enjoy them and make them last after that!


It wouldn’t have been as bad if the women serving me weren’t so miserable and rude; I certainly wouldn’t go back to that stall again! Don’t worry, there were many more stalls offering the same thing!


Baked goods

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love cake, so it was obvious that I was going to want to sniff out some tasty treats while I was in Barcelona! I’ve heard that traditional churros are “accidentally” vegan but we never got round to trying this out, maybe next time! We did however discover an awesome shop called chök, again just off La Rambla. It sells mostly non-vegan baked goods but always has a vegan product on offer. Best of all, it has a chocolate kitchen at the back of the shop where you can sit and watch them experiment and create their sensational goodies! They also sell chocolate bars with some rather interesting flavours! I went for dark chocolate with rose petals which was very tasty, but if I remember correctly they also had chocolate with curry powder on offer!

The waiter said they were looking at expanding their vegan range, as they range of non-vegan donuts and cronuts looked incredible in comparison to the vegan offering! But what it lacked in looks, my “nutella” filled donut certainly made up for in taste! I would never have been able to tell that it wasn’t just a regular donut. We went here twice as well of course, the second time we got donuts to take to Park Güell!


We also visited a vegan deli called Gopal to get some lunch one day as I’d read some good reviews on it. I wasn’t actually too impressed with the burger I got to take away, though I did get it bunless with salad and it wasn’t the easiest thing to eat perched on the edge of a fountain like we did so maybe that ruined the experience slightly! What also may have ruined the experience is that I had some serious regrets about not picking up one of their delicious looking cakes while I was in there!


Just look at all that variety! I would definitely go back here to try something if I ever revisit the city, possibly a cinnamon swirl…

So there is my little guide to vegan snacking in Barcelona! After being warned that being a vegan abroad would be difficult, I was delighted to prove that preconception wrong and enjoy a whole host of delicious cruelty free food!

April x

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