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Hello there! So sorry, I do keep meaning to post more frequently but life is so hectic at times! Anywho, last week was much more relaxed and I had a chance to enjoy some quality time with my family which was lovely. On Saturday however I got up to something very exciting which I shall tell you all about right now, enjoy!


Many months ago I stumbled across a girl named Alice on Instagram. I think a friend of mine had mentioned her and whether it was her evident love of peanut butter (her username is @aliceandpeanutbutter), or her dazzling body-positive, anti-diet captions that accompanied her posts, something told me I was gonna like this girl!

We soon became ‘virtual friends’ (although I hate how clinical that sounds) and I discovered she is the co-owner of tour company The Bristol Food Tour. I’d never come across the idea of a food tour before but once I realised it’s basically an excuse to stuff your face with delicious local delicacies I was definitely on board – more so when they announced they were starting vegan tours!! Of course I had to book onto one as soon as I could and last week found myself on the train to Bristol (once again) to not only take part in a tour but actually meet Alice herself!

The tour began focuses on independent cafes, stalls and restaurants in Bristol and began in Flour and Ash where our group of 7 gathered. The tour group is always small and makes for an intimate experience where you can really chat to everyone else in the group and enjoy the food together. It also means you get more than enough food to sample at each location which was fine by me! I feel this is especially great for a vegan tour as it’s lovely to meet like-minded people, though I was surprised that only 3 out of the 7 of us were fully vegan. There were also two veggies with a strong interest in veganism (woopee!) and two partners who had come along with their herbivore loved ones (again, great that it was something they could enjoy together). I’m not going to review each restaurant individually as this post would be epic, but I will just say the nut-based vegan cheese made at Flour and Ash was delicious. Although not a vegan restaurant, it was lovely that they’d put real effort into creating numerous vegan options!


We stopped at a total of 7 eateries, but as an added bonus along the way Alice had also brought along a vegan cake from a local baker and some chocolates which we got to try as we were walking between food-stops. The cake was chocolate and peanut butter and the ganache especially was to die for!



It was so interesting to hear the backstory of each place we visited, especially being someone who’d like to open up a café in the future some day. Some of the stories were really inspiring. We also got a local’s insight into the city itself which was great, maybe more so for me as I’m not from the city (though this tour’s made me want to move there)!

The power of social media is sometimes negative, but when you get to meet amazing people like Alice (who also works other jobs as well as co-running her own business) and try new experiences, it’s such a wonderful thing! Be sure to check out Alice on Instagram and book yourself onto a food tour if you live in or near Bristol, or are planning a visit! Big thanks to Alice for a great day out, hope to see you again soon!



  1. November 23, 2016 / 11:04 am

    Can’t wait to go on one of these tours!

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