A look ahead…

Hello there! You may well have just come from my previous post but if not, you should have a look there first to see what I’ve been up to in 2016!

Anywho on to the more fun part – some thoughts and goals for the year ahead!


Last year I fell out of love with running a little. I just rushed things and kept getting injured. Now that I’m building up strength as well, I’m promising myself to take a more sensible approach to my marathon training. I’m hoping to get back to my 22 minute parkrun time and to achieve a sub 4 hour marathon in Southampton, but to be honest I’ll just be happy to have a bit of injury-free running for once!


Before I went vegan I ate a very healthy diet and rarely treated myself to what I considered ‘naughty’ foods like cheese, pizza and burgers etc. My one regular indulgence was cake but around that I ate very healthily. Since going vegan however, I’ve had a lot more fun with food, trying everything that had the word vegan in front of it! I’ve still eaten very healthily around that but the healthy:unhealthy ratio has probably gone from 85:15% to 70:30%. Couple that with being off running for a few months and that has left me feeling a little less body confident! So now I’ve had my fun, I’ve tried the vegan junk food and it’s time to get back to my normal diet, including the cake!

Social Media

I love following food and fitness accounts on Instagram which promote a healthy lifestyle, self love and body confidence. That is the kind of account I wish to be and thus I’m going to put a lot more effort into posting on Instagram and also on the blog. It’s something I enjoy when I get round to it and I really want to kick it up a notch in the new year.

Self Care

This kind of ties in with the health part but I want to establish more of a routine that gives me time to look after my mind and body. Instead of getting in from work and watching a few episodes of Gilmore Girls (I’m determined to watch the whole series before the 4 new episodes), I want to put more time into writing for the blog, journaling and foam rolling/stretching. One of the things that’s going to keep me injury free is the latter but I never bother to do it and I don’t know why! 15 minutes is all it would take and yet it gets to 10pm and I’ve not bothered once again.


Finally I would love to learn more about fitness and nutrition. I’ve got plenty of opportunities with work to take courses in these subjects so this year I want to take advantage of that and may look into personal training and nutrition courses so that I can be better informed about how to look after myself and hopefully spread the message to others too!


So there are some things I am hoping to give a little more attention to in 2017!

What are your goals for the new year?

Are you excited for the year ahead?


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