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So Christmas has come and gone and a new year brings the hopes of your dream life: fulfilled days, beautiful body and peaceful mind. In this 3 part series, I’ll give you some advice on how you can achieve your aspirations. Without focusing on resolutions, these posts will give you information that you can easily implement in your own life to become a happier and healthier you in 2017!

Today’s post will take a look at how you can grow your soul. Many of us worry that we’re wasting our precious time here on this planet. If you feel like you’re not making the most of every day, here are 3 simple activities that can help you feel more enriched and fulfilled.

1. Keep a ‘gratitude journal’

Some days we climb into bed feeling sad and miserable, contemplating whether or not we have anything joyful in our lives at all. At some time or another you are likely to go through some very tough times, as life has it’s ups and downs. During these periods, it’s important to try and remember the little things we’re grateful for – even if it feels like there’s nothing at all. Start writing down 3 things every day you felt thankful for. The beauty of it is that they can be whatever you want, they don’t have to be grand gestures. It could be the beautiful weather, good health, having loving family and friends and on the really bad days you may just want to acknowledge that you have air in your lungs. It might sound ridiculous, but taking just 5 minutes at the end of each day to note these things can boost your overall mood and make you see the world in a different light. Even if you’re in a good place in life, it’s still a really fun activity to appreciate all the little things that make this world wonderful!


2. Volunteer 

This one takes up a little more time, but enriches your soul massively. Doing something for free in order to help someone else out is a fantastic use of your time. There are many opportunities out there, with so many projects and people to give your time to, you’re bound to find something that takes your interest. You could befriend an elderly person, work in a community cafe, be a mentor to a young person, operate phone lines, organise events, the list really is endless! Not only will you be doing a massive favour to a person or organisation, but the gift of giving is truly wonderful and you will be a better person for it – not to mention the skills, experience and friends you will gain as well! And the beauty is you can commit as little or often as you like, even working from home if you need. There is something out there for everyone, take a look at a website like Do-it to get started. If you don’t have time to commit to something, just try and aim every day to do something to help a friend or family member out, like doing the washing up or making them a cuppa!


3. Try to make one person smile every day

In this modern world it can be far to easy to neglect making connections with people. Think about your commute to school or work, how often do you talk to those around you? How do you respond when a shop assistant wishes you a pleasant day? When you’re visiting elderly relatives, how much time is spent talking to them compared with how often you’re checking Facebook? If your answer to these questions sound like “not enough”, “thanks” and “about the same” then maybe it’s time for a new mission: make someone smile. When you take a seat next to someone on the bus, say hello and strike up a conversation. Answer the cashier with a “thanks, you too!” rather than simply walking away. And when you’re visiting friends and family, put the phone away! It was only the other day that I caught a snippet of my Grandad telling my Uncle about how he got his first job when he was a boy – when I asked him to tell me the full story on the car ride home later, his eyes lit up as he told me that the headteacher assigned everyone’s jobs in his village! It’s so important to engage and connect with people, so get out there and make some connections!


I hope these simple things will help you get more out of your day. If you can make someone smile, do a little something for others and acknowledge 3 things that make your life wonderful each day your soul will thank you for it!

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