The Weekly Roundup #2 | Slightly Broken

Well hello again! This week has been another up and down one! I’ve hit a slight bump in the road with marathon training but we’ll come to that in a minute. I want to start with something amazing that happened first!

After feeling a little drained after last week’s full on-ness in terms of CrossFit and running, I had a little chat with one of the PTs that works at the gym (or ‘box’). She asked if I was eating enough and told me to track it on MyFitnessPal, which I’m not a huge fan of to be honest but I was interested to know how much I was getting through! I learned from this that I could eat a little more but the main thing was that I have not been getting enough iron in my diet! I was barely hitting 10% of the RDA and since I eat very similar meals every day I’m assuming I’ve been deficient for a while! So I started drinking spirulina smoothies every morning and when I went for a run on Tuesday, oh my goodness, I felt amazing!


I started at a slow pace because recently I’ve been burning out really quickly and have felt like the energy in my legs is just not there (now I know why). When I got to 3 miles I still felt surprisingly good so I thought I’d pick up the pace a bit and managed to get negative splits on the last half! Not only this, but my last mile was under 8 minutes which I’ve been really struggling to get under lately, and I’d just run 5 miles beforehand and I’d been to CrossFit that morning for a pretty intense workout so I was already pretty tired – and it felt pretty easy!!! I was completely amazed and now I swear by spirulina!

The picture above compares Tuesday’s run to the same route I did way before I got injured, when I was lots fitter – I clearly started out too quickly! I’ve been feeling a bit like I’d never get back to my previous level of fitness but after Tuesday’s run I have new hope! A 22 minute parkrun is back in sight!

Bad news is I managed to bruise my heel somehow so now I’m not allowed to run for a week. Doh. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to be anything more serious so I’m not panicking yet. I must have just landed on it funny at CrossFit or something because I’m not a heel striker. It’s actually been hurting for a couple of weeks but I thought it was from my tight calves so I was trying to foam-roll it better, but it was a lot worse after last week’s long run so I went to see a sports therapist who told me it was bruised and that the continuous impact was not helping, so I’ve got to take some time off. This week was the cut back week though so I’ve not missed out on going up in miles, the plan is to do some rowing and cycling for endurance next week and hopefully do my next long run on Sunday.

I’ve been trying to make new recipes and this week I made jambalaya from Aine Carlin’s book which was super tasty! I’ve bought the ingredients to make it again this week, which is kind of against the point of what I’m actually trying to do but ah well. I have made sure to buy some courgettes this week so I can try out my spiraliser!


On Wednesday my friend Elsie and I took our other friend’s dog Ziggy for a walk on Exmouth beach which was lovely. I really appreciate where I live, especially when the weather is gorgeous and I have a furry friend to use as an excuse to get outside! Plus it was nice to get out in the fresh air because I find I miss it when I’m not running!




After the dog walk, I went to my friend Lucy’s and we cooked the above curry from Niomi Smart’s book. Niomi is a funny name isn’t it, the more I look at it, the funnier it looks. It is nice though! Anywho, after eating this yummy curry we went to see La La Land and I have absolutely no idea how it’s won so many awards. Lucy liked it, the critics liked it and I’m sure you’ll like it too, but for some reason I just did not like it one bit. I won’t say any more because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but yeah, there’s my view on that one!

Friday night was our Burns night social as we didn’t have a Christmas one last year. It was a great evening! I didn’t take pictures of my food because I didn’t want to look like a weirdo, but I got hummus and pitta to start, some bean and courgette thing for main and a pecan-pie-come-pastry-lattice for dessert. The best bit was the caramelised pine nuts round the side! All in all it was pretty tasty, though I (and everyone else agreed when it came to their portion sizes to) think I could have eaten double the amount we were served. I don’t get dressed up all that often so it was nice to get a bit glam for the evening!

Yesterday I went into town with my friend Erica (the girl sat next to me at the dinner table!). We had the most wonderful time getting lunch in The Plant Cafe and then afterwards getting pampered at Jo Malone! Her sister works there in John Lewis so we went in for hand and arm massages, where she used all their lovely new vitamin E products and then I treated myself to some new perfume and body scrub! It was so great to be indulgent and have a nice treat, especially after the night before!

Then today I went for lunch with the Exmouth Vegetarians and Vegans! We were mostly vegan, and it was lovely to meet some people in the area. We went to Toby Carvery which sounds weird, but they actually have 3 great vegan options that you can then go and get carvery vegetables with, and also a vegan dessert! So I’ve done less running but more cake eating this week, whoopsie! Other than this though I’ve been sticking to my slightly more nutritious regime and I’m feeling really great so I don’t mind allowing myself a few treats at the weekend!

Sorry for the poor picture quality! I had the butternut squash crumble which was pretty tasty, and the roast potatoes were amazing! The chocolate and cherry torte for dessert was also very yummy, so I’d really recommend Toby Carvery to vegans out there – especially as a great place to go with your omni friends/families so everyone can have a great meal they’ll enjoy.

Sorry there’s not been much about running this week! I’ve also done CrossFit every day which I’m loving more and more as time goes on! See you next week when I’m planning on writing my Vegan in Italy post as well as some about the healthy snacks I picked up in WholeFoods over Christmas!


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