The Weekly Roundup #3 | Progress!

Hi there! This post will be short but sweet, as work has been incredibly hectic this week! Firstly, I was off running this week til Saturday. I’ve still got some pain in my heel but it’s much better than it was, so after another session with my lovely sports therapist today I’ve been advised to do a few short runs this week with plenty of rest in between and see how I get on. The marathon is still weeks away and I’m still doing lots of CrossFit to keep my fitness levels up so fingers crossed this won’t be too much of an issue. It’s soooo annoying when everything was going so well but I’m just focussing on the positives and hopefully it will get better soon!

Speaking of CrossFit, I’ve seen some real progress this week which has felt amazing! On Monday I front squatted 62.5kg which close to my own bodyweight so that was good! Then we’ve had img_1824some really fun sessions including practicing handstands and I managed my first little handstand pushups with some padding under my head hehe! Yesterday’s WOD included rope climbs which I finally conquered! I didn’t quite make it all the way to the top but considering the last time I tried I could barely get off the ground, this is vast improvement!

And finally I spent some time after the WOD yesterday just practicing some skills in the gym. I am useless at overhead squats so I had a go at them and worked up to 32.5kg which is a PB (especially with good form)! I realise how important it is to start light to get the technique right, so I was literally practicing with a plastic pole first! I really struggled in the beginning to get any depth to my squat but now I think I’m there! I also practiced some handstands again with some friends and then double unders which are also coming along nicely!

So even though running’s not happening right now I’ve still got a lot of good, fun stuff to be working on and keeping me fit (and occupied)!

Food wise this week I’ve realised that I really need to change up my current staple foods! Once again it was oatmeal for breakfast (as I think it always will be, I just need to change the combo), tofu scramble and refried beans for lunch and some variation of rice, beans and veggies for dinner – with the same snacks of apples, spirulina smoothies, nuts, yoghurt and berries etc. Though I did make a naughty purchase of some cinnamon and raisin bagels this week which are going down nicely! Next week I need some new ideas, I’m thinking hummus, falafel and pitta for lunch maybe with lots of salad!

I did go to Lucy’s again for tea one night and we made vegan quorn fajitas which were gooood! Also whilst travelling to a gig at work I picked up one of the new M&S vegan salads which was really yummy; M&S have needed to up their vegan game for a while so it was great to see some changes!

So that’s that! My week in a nutshell! Hope you’ve all had fantastic weeks too, fingers crossed I’ll have some positive running news to report next weekend!

Ps, did anyone watch Sugar Free Farm this week? How long do we think Gemma’s veganism will last?!



  1. January 29, 2017 / 11:03 am

    Wishing you a speedy recovery! It sounds like you are making brilliant progress at crossfit 🙂🙂🙂

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