The Weekly Roundup #5 | 1 down, 2 to go

img_1938If you’ve not already read, February is a pretty rubbish month for me at work! We’re doing some training that’s a lot different from our normal routine and this last week I’ve been up near Salisbury. I did have access to a gym so Lucy and I actually managed to quite successfully keep up with the WODs we were missing which made me very happy! The photo opposite is us having just finished a particularly tough one! Next week I won’t have access to a gym, or maybe even a shower (don’t ask!) so I don’t think I’ll be able to much exercise at all but I reckon my body will enjoy the rest – plus the training we’re doing is physical enough in itself!

I just got an email this morning to say my place for Southampton marathon had been changed to the half marathon so that’s a relief! I’m actually really looking forward to it now rather than feeling worried about not being able to train much so it was definitely the right decision. Last week I didn’t do a lot of running because my heel was still hurting, but actually now it’s not hurting at all so maybe the total rest from impact is just what it needed! I’m not going to run this weekend, or probably most of next week, so I hope that maybe Friday I’ll do a few miles and my heel will feel a lot better! Fingers crossed!

We have a fitness test at work the week after next and I’ve been really stressing over the mile and a half run because I’ve not been able to do much training. It’s silly though because I know I’m definitely going to pass, I have 13 mins 15 seconds to do it in, even if I only managed an 8 minute mile I’d still do it in 12 minutes! I think I’m just worried about embarrassing myself because I’m ‘the runner’ and last time I did it in under 10 minutes, which I know won’t be achievable for me right now. But I’ve been injured a lot recently and my running isn’t where it was when I last did a test here in Devon 2 years ago so I just need to be easier on myself, I highly doubt anyone will care what I get, they’ll be more focussed on passing themselves I’m sure!

So not much to report on this week I’m afraid! I did go and see Hacksaw Ridge at the cinema on Monday and it was phenomenal. The best film I’ve seen in years. I think because it’s a true story it really hit me, I was a sobbing mess at the end! So I’d recommend that to you all – it’s pretty gory in some parts but if I can handle it I’m sure anyone can!

Towards the end of the week I started feeling a bit snuffly and yep, by Friday I was full of cold. I went to crossfit in the morning and did the squatting part of the WOD but had to leave after as I think my head would have exploded doing the cardio. And then yesterday morning I felt even worse so had to cancel completely, as well as not being able to go out for one of the trainers’ birthdays that even which I was gutted about! But need to get better for next week, bleugh!

I can’t wait for the end of February! I’m going home on a long weekend which will be lovely to catch up with the family and then it should be all uphill from there with some nicer things happening at work etc and I’ll be back in my little crossfit/running routine so hopefully these posts will start to get more interesting and happier soon!!

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend!

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