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Last month I had a fantastic time exploring Berlin on my own. If you haven’t already, check out what I got up to! But now, fetch yourself a cup of tea and get ready to drool over all the delicious food I treated myself to on my adventures.

W-Der Imbiss


Arriving at my Airbnb, I was a mixture of tired and hungry and didn’t really fancy venturing far for my dinner. Thankfully I’d noticed a vegetarian/vegan restaurant just across the road and so dumped my bags and scurried on over! Walking in, I felt like I was entering some kind of tropical spa! The decor was very tiki themed whilst at the same time the music was spaced out and calming. Perusing the menu there were a lot of vegetarian options and a few for vegans, all from various parts of the world. They specialised in naan pizzas which unfortunately I couldn’t eat as I was still vegan then, but they also had mexican dishes such as burritos and quesadillas which could be veganised on request, a teriyaki tofu dish and salads.

I went for a vegan thali. On arrival, the dish was huge and thus was very pleasing to my eyes; I do love a good portion size! There were several varieties of curry, some rice, chutneys and a crispy flatbread. Slightly strangely there was also a curry that had kidney beans in it and tasted like it belonged in the burrito, and I was also served some guacamole… But overall the rest of it was delicious, despite coming out slightly cold, the flavours were all different and the extras were a nice touch that kept the meal interesting. They also do a larger option which I would be curious to see how much more food they can cram on the plate!


The ambient music actually turned somewhat sinister while I was eating which made the experience feel a little uneasy, especially as I was the only person in the restaurant (it was quite early for European standards). I think they actually have a main restaurant in a more central location in the city, so I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you’re into flavours from around the world!

The Bowl

The bowl is a self proclaimed ‘clean eating’ restaurant located above the Veganz shop in Friedrichshain. All the mains are served in, you guess it – a bowl, and are made up of all natural, healthy ingredients. They also serve breakfast, dessert and a variety of smoothies, each using only vegan, gluten free ingredients. Even the matcha latte I ordered was served in a bowl (no handle in sight!) which was quite nice to cup my hands round on a cold April day!


I ordered the buddha bowl which came with a chickpea and aubergine curry, wild rice, broccoli, mushrooms, sliced beetroot and salad. It was such a hearty and comforting dish, as well as being really delicious. I felt completely satisfied afterwards, with the added bonus of knowing I’d just eaten feel-good food which was going to really nourish my body. The staff were really friendly and afterwards I had fun looking around the vegan supermarket, picking myself up a few treats including some chocolate-peanut butter cake for later!


Let it be

My favourite dining experience of the week had to be at Let it be, a vegan creperie and burger bar in the heart of Neukölln. As I was walking to it, I must admit I was unsure of my location; the buildings were looking a bit run down and I wasn’t sure what I was going to find. However, as I approached the restaurant, the outside was bursting with colourful flags – a very welcoming sight in a somewhat grey neighbourhood.


Inside was even more excitingly decorated, with walls filled to capacity with art, photos and ornaments which were interesting to study whilst I was waiting for my food – when I wasn’t busy watching the chefs cook up our fresh crepes through the window!

With cosy, candlelit wooden tables, a disco ball projecting sparkles over everything and casual order at the bar service, I really enjoyed the whole vibe here. The menu consisted of sweet and savoury crepes and gluten free galettes, pancakes and burgers, each named after a celebrity. A ‘Pamela Anderson’ consisting of 4 pancakes topped with banana and peanut butter and a ‘Miley Cyrus’ being made up of just 2 pancakes in comparison…

I went for the Erykah Badu, who I’d actually never heard of until I just looked her up. This dish was a savoury crepe filled to bursting with sweet potato and spinach, cooked beautifully in a truly delicious saté-coconut-peanut sauce.


It even looks like it’s smiling!

I’ve never actually eaten a savoury crepe but I’m so glad that this was my first experience! It was one of the best meals I think I’ve ever eaten, which is a very bold statement indeed. I had been worried it wouldn’t be filling enough but when it arrived it was obviously a decent portion size. It was the perfect blend of sweet and savoury, far better than your bog standard ham and cheese option! The waitress was very kind and patient as I originally ordered a burger but then obviously changed my mind – and was I glad I did! If I ever come back to Berlin I think I’ll eat solely here so that I have the chance to taste everything on the menu.

Cafe V

Located in Kreuzberg, Cafe V has been a long standing member of the Berlin vegetarian community. And rightly so, as it offers up tasty vegetarian versions of German classic dishes such as schnitzel as well as a variety of other dishes from around the globe including curries and pizzas. It has a rustic yet cosy interior and is dog friendly; another very welcoming environment on a snowy day! Although it was lunch time, I went for the vegan breakfast and was certainly not disappointed.


It included a tofu scramble with lots of veggies, a salad, some fruit and a whole bread basket all to myself – yes please! The jam you see pictured was to die for, seriously! It was the most delicious jam I’ve ever tasted, I think it may have been rhubarb flavour but my palate is not sophisticated enough to tell and I forgot to ask. All I know is that it was a taste sensation and I happily ate every single morsel on the plate.

Vego Foodworld

Although my meal at Cafe V above was wonderful, I had been slightly disappointed that the seitanschnitzel wasn’t vegan friendly as I did want to try some more traditional German food whilst visiting. Cue Vego Foodworld!

If you’re vegan, you’ll probably have heard of Vego chocolate – arguably the best chocolate bar available. Well, this was…their restaurant? It was a little confusing. The space was very simply and sparsely decorated, the menu was all in German with no English copies so I had little idea what I was ordering, and the staff didn’t speak much English either. I’d have liked to have asked them more about the place and how much it actually had to do with Vego, but maybe I’ll have to do some more digging somewhere. Anyway, I did know exactly what I wanted – currywurst!


A German fast food dish, it’s traditionally a Bratwurst sausage with curry ketchup and sprinkled with curry powder. Of course, Vego have created a vegan option, I think it was made from Seitan. It was delicious and, when served with chips and mayo (another Dutch/German specialty I believe), was exactly what I wanted after walking literally miles around the city that day.

The service was funny: you order at the bar and when it’s ready they just shout over to you and you go up and collect it. They’re also dog friendly, and I got the feeling that a lot of local vegans visit frequently, which is no surprise as the menu was expansive and the mouth watering food was cheap as chips (literally)! I think this meal cost me less than €5, which made a refreshing change from the €10+ I’d been spending on other meals in Berlin. This was my second favourite restaurant after Let it be and again I highly recommend taking a wander up there, as well as exploring the local area of Prenzlauer Berg which had lots of interesting shops to potter round.

Stay with me, this is the last one!


This was a restaurant I’d wanted to visit all week. The first 100% raw vegan restaurant in Berlin, it wasn’t far from the Berlin Wall Memorial and is basically what it says on the tin: a fantastic raw food restaurant.


The decor was very modern, with once again lots of art everywhere. They’d only just opened so once again I was the only one eating! The menu had lots of options and I went for the pad thai. I’d worried that it wouldn’t be very filling as I find it hard to imagine that raw food is, but as I ploughed my way through the piles of courgetti noodles coated in a cream peanut sauce I realised I had been wrong to doubt them!


It was the most expensive meal of the trip, but well worth it. I was suitably full by the end, but could resist trying one of their raw desserts too! It was my last meal in Berlin before catching the flight home after all…


It was a strawberry cheesecake which was divine! The nutty base was bursting with flavour whilst the ‘cheesecake’ layer tasted like a light, fluffy strawberry mouse! Coupled with the sumptuously smooth and creamy hot chocolate I’d ordered on arrival, I was in my own happy little food coma by the end. Another meal which made me feel like I’d really nourished my body as well as my soul!


Brammibals Vegan Donuts

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI couldn’t go to Berlin without visiting this place. Not a restaurant, but simply a donut shop providing the vegans of Berlin with the most delicious donuts I’ve ever tasted as well as a space to sit and enjoy a coffee too. I was sad that I didn’t have time sit in, but instead chose a donut to take back to my apartment for later.

I chose the new apple and cinnamon flavour, which consisted of a donut, coated in apple flavour glaze and topped with sweet slices of cinnamon coated cooked apple. It was heavenly. Even if you’re not vegan I’d strongly suggest getting yourself to this place anyway, I’ll certainly be going back if I get the chance.


So that is it! All the vegan delights I encountered whilst on my travels! If you’re still here, well done for sticking it out! 10 foodie points to you!

Writing this post has made me hungry, so I’m off to get some food now! I hope this is helpful to any of you travelling to Berlin soon. Please do share in the comments any other fantastiche restaurants in the city that are worth a visit also!


  1. May 4, 2017 / 1:37 pm

    You really do make vegan eating look amazing. And make me think I’ve been missing out on a whole lot of amazing Berlin eats! The doughnut place for definite. The crepe sounds lush as well.

    • May 4, 2017 / 4:11 pm

      Yeah I think sometimes vegan restaurants go above and beyond to make their meals extra yummy and appealing so that people want to go vegan hehe! I know for sure I’ll still eat lots of vegan food/cake etc because it is often incredible! 😬

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