Sun, sea, cycling and other stories

Well hello there! Sorry, it’s been nearly a month since I last checked in!


I’ve been up to a lot of fun things, starting with a lovely vegan lunch out with my friend Anna at OffBeet in Wickham! It was lovely to have a proper catch up with her, after meeting via blogging a couple of years ago. We’ve met up a few times at Parkruns over the years but it was lovely to actually chat properly, as well as enjoying the most delicious food at one of my favourite restaurants.

I love the fact that running has brought me new friends, though it’s made me miss parkruns and being part of a running club as I’m still injured at the moment and it’s really getting me down now! I seriously cannot wait to get back into the swing of things, though when that will be I still do not know! I’m doing everything I can to cure this plantar fasciitis, including lots of stretching, yoga and sticking my feet in a bucket of ice every time I do something with any impact (which I’m doing as little of as possible!). They’ve definitely improved but now seem to have plateaued, though I’m seeing a physio so fingers crossed some positive changes will happen soon!

In the meantime I’ve been keeping myself sane by repairing my relationship with my poor abandoned bike. When I lived in Fareham I did actually cycle quite a lot (because I was off running with shin splints and also lived a 15 minute cycle from work so it was a nice little commute), but since I’ve been back in Devon again, it’s been winter and I’m certainly a fair weather cyclist so the bike had been left a bit neglected!

But now that the weather’s brightened up, I’ve been desperate to get outside in the sunshine! I’m really lucky to live near the beach, so instead of running down there at least I’ve been able to cycle! It really has kept me sane, as I’m not a huge fan of walking on my own. It’s also been nice to go cycling a few times with my friend Lucy, especially with the necessary food stops of course!


Plus, Lucy has a dog so I’ve joined her on a few walks which has been great, and the other day we were joined by my other best friend Jenny and her wee dog too which was lovely!

I’ve been loving spending time at the beach at the moment, making the most of living where I do. Even at home this weekend, Mum and I went to local Lee on the Solent where we enjoyed a little paddle in the water (and yesterday we paddled over at Calshot – we do love a little dip)!

I’ve also been down to Plymouth twice, to the same amazing cafe called Choccacinos that serves one of the best afternoon teas I’ve ever had! The very first time I went was with Jenny and it was amazing, so my friend Alice and I booked it as a surprise for Lucy’s birthday. Then two days later I went back for another afternoon tea and catch up with another friend who was visiting! Very naughty but very yummy!!

Since going pescatarian, I must admit my relationship with food has got a lot better again. I’ve felt a lot happier and better in myself and am really pleased with the decision I made. Though at the same time I noticed started to really crave meat too, which is strange as I honestly didn’t crave any animal products when I was vegan.

So with that in mind, I decided to just keep listening to my body and try some meat. I started with chicken the other day and felt fine, and just last night I had some chicken and steak fajitas which I really enjoyed. The main thing I’ve been wanting is red meat, I think because of the iron content? I’m not sure, but I do know that I don’t believe it’s healthy to be living on supplements. I want to be as healthy as possible and am aware that animal products in moderation as perfectly healthy. I think when I went vegan I’d been scared that all farmers treated animals in the cruelest of ways, and although I still don’t like the thought of killing animals, I feel that a vegan diet just wasn’t sustainable (for my body anyway), and that as long as I try and source the products I buy from the best sources I can, my diet feels once again complete, balanced and healthy.

I am glad I have educated myself on what can go on in the world of animal farming, and know that I will make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of animal products in my diet now, as well as sourcing it as locally as possible. The less extreme approach of reducing the amount of meat we consume rather than giving up all animal products altogether will hopefully appeal to a greater number of people thus having a larger overall effect!

I’ve also been enjoying making my meals look a bit prettier for instagram again at the moment. I always used to make a lot of effort but since being back in a room with really bad lighting, I’ve been finding it difficult to take good photos and thus my effort level dropped! I’m loving my oaty pics again now though and hope you are too! Plus it’s encouraging me to get more variety into my toppings again!


And finally, I met an Italian girl called Silvia seven whole years ago when I was at college studying the language. We did an exchange trip (something I’d always wanted to do but never had the chance previously!) and we became close friends right from the off! When we arrived we all had to stand in a circle while they called out an English name and matched us with our new Italian friends!

In the car right after we met she actually asked me if I was hungry (clearly she knew me already, as the answer is ‘always’), but due to her accent I actually thought she’d asked if I was ‘angry’! So although I was a little confused, it was so funny and I’ll always remember that moment! Cue embarrassing throwback photo and less embarrassing current one!

Anywho, her family welcomed me with open arms and I’ve been back to visit numerous times since, and they’ve all been over to England too. They are some of the kindest, most generous people I’ve ever met and are like my second family, and I was therefore so honoured to be invited to Silvia’s sister’s wedding last weekend!

And what an experience it was! Italians are so full of joy and love and passion. Denise looked stunning, like a princess, and the whole day was just full of happiness – and food! We literally ate, drunk and danced all day, it was perfect. The food was incredible, starting with a buffet after the church service which was a looong table crammed with cheese and fried courgette flowers and fruit and pastries. After piling up my plate I was told the first course of lunch would be served in half an hour – perfect timing for my first plateful to go down!

We were served a huge parcel of cheese for the first, first plate. Then a mushroom risotto topped with gelato (?!) for the second, first plate. Then a little break before sorbet and then the second plate which was omlette and potatoes for the veggies and a meat dish for the rest. And then of course there was cake and other desserts later in the evening! My kinda party for sure!

It was a beautiful day and I also got to spend lots of time with Silvia’s best friend Ester, who I’ve also become friends with over the years. It was so special to me to be invited out there and be a part of the festivities.


Oh, and I also caught the bouquet! So now I’ve apparently got a month to get married – better get boyfriend hunting!!!!

Anyway, that’s about it for now! I’m thinking of joining a triathlon club soon so I’m sure I’ll give you all the info on that in the near future! For now I shall keep rehabbing my poor feet, maybe get swimming and of course, keep eating lots of yummy, mostly healthy food!

I promise the next post will be sooner than this one was!


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