Adventures in Bali | Day 6 | Headless chickens and stunning waterfalls

Welcome back to my Adventures in Bali series! I’d originally intended on doing one post for the Intrepid tour and one post for the few days I spent in Ubud, but clearly that’s not gone quite to plan. Bali is just too magical to even attempt to condense into a brief blog post so I’m giving it the space it deserves here in my little corner of the internet! If you haven’t already, be sure to catch up with my previous posts including getting up close and personal with the monkeys in Ubud, cycling in Sideman, a sunrise trek of Mount Batur and my first snorkelling experience!

But now on to today’s post. We were coming to the end of the tour and after all the excitement of the week so far, everyone was quite happy to enjoy a more relaxed day. We began by visiting a market where the locals go to shop. All was well to begin with as we meandered through the stalls of spices, fruits and vegetables. But one wrong turn and we suddenly found ourselves in the ‘fresh meat’ section, which involved the beheading of chickens before our very eyes. Quickly altering our path we were back amongst the safety of flowers and clothes, and I was probably not the only one thinking happy thoughts of puppies and rainbows and we headed for the exit. An interesting experience but not for the faint hearted!


Next up we headed for the tiny hilltop village of Munduk where we made our down a steep, winding path to a waterfall. It was pretty hot so to feel the cooling mist of the water was wonderful, although we did have to then make our way back up the hill to earn our lunch!


Bali seems to be the ultimate place for lunch with a view and yet again we were treated to delicious food with views of the luscious green jungle around us.

After lunch we stopped at a botanical garden which was, in all honesty, severely underwhelming. We did see a pretty awesome tree, and there were some impressive statues and monuments dotted around, but I think overall maybe just the plants weren’t in full bloom at the time of year we were there? But there wasn’t really much to look at! We couldn’t really complain though after the wonders of what we’d seen previously.


From there we headed to our hotel in Bedugul. We traveled up and up into the mountains and the mist, and arriving at Strawberry Hill hotel was pretty magical as it was shrouded in a cloud. The rooms were individual little cabins, gorgeous inside and surrounded by gardens. It was probably my favourite hotel of the trip, especially as given the poor visibility, our group had nothing better to do in the evening than snuggle round the fire in the bar area and enjoy our penultimate evening together.

I totally loved everyone in our group, and sharing the trip with them was the best element of the trip for me. Surreal as it was to be huddled round a fire in Bali, it was my favourite evening for sure! After a delicious dinner we hung around chatting and playing pool. Having only spent a week together it’s amazing how close a group of people all thrown into the same situation can become, especially when you all share the same passions for travelling, adventure, learning and discovery. I absolutely loved learning about the lives of everyone I met and I hope we keep in touch for years to come!


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