Adventures in Bali | Day 8 | It’s not over yet

Welcome back to another post in the Bali Adventures series. If you haven’t already, be sure to start from the beginning and check out what I got up to during my group adventure tour with Intrepid! Of course, you can completely ignore this message and carry on from where you are, but I’m telling you, you’ll be missing out!

Although the tour may have officially ended after breakfast, there was still more fun to be had as a few of our group had decided stick together for an extra day. I made the mistake of going for a run before breakfast, and although I went bright an early, it was still ridiculously humid and I really struggled just to keep going for a mere half an hour! But I still enjoyed it, especially with the thought of returning to a delicious breakfast with the group before we all said our goodbyes.

I spent the morning with the German couple, Chris and Annika, before we met another of the guys, Tony, to head to Kuta. Tony had been for a morning of pampering at the spa, but had heard we were planning on visiting another temple so decided to join us for the afternoon!

We ordered a taxi from the hotel to Kuta where Chris and Annika were staying for a few days, but on the way managed to bargain with our driver who agreed to take us to Kuta, then up to Tanah Lot, wait for us there for a few hours, then back to Kuta to drop Chris, Annika and I off and then drop Tony back in Sanur all for 500,000IDR (which was about £30 for all 4 of us)! I don’t care what you say, if you are an experienced Balinese-haggler or whatever, but I was pretty pleased with paying less than a tenner for a private taxi service for the day!


There was a lot of traffic on the way to Tanah Lot. It took us a very long time to get there, but we weren’t too worried. We mostly wanted to watch the sunset as it was meant to be one of the best spots to see it. The driver wasn’t too keen on our idea of finding a restaurant within the touristy area around the temple for our dinner as he knew the food wouldn’t be the best tasting, but we weren’t as bothered about that as much as just wanting a good spot to watch the sun going down.

We weren’t disappointed at all. The temple itself sits on a large rock out at sea, and can only be accessed when the tide’s out (or by boat I guess…). It was really impressive, and we spend a while wandering around the bottom of it.


The best part was the sunset though. Although normally I like to try and find more unusual, local places to eat, we simply had to go to a terrible tourist restaurant for the simple fact that they really did have spectacular views of the sunset. There are a bunch of restaurants on the mainland on the top of the cliffs and if you get there early enough like we did, you can pick the perfect spot to grab a beer (or water in my case) and enjoy the view.


Admittedly the food wasn’t the greatest, but it was the best way to spend my final evening with them. The two highlights of this part of my trip were definitely the sunrise we saw from Mount Batur, and then sunset we watched behind Tanah Lot.


P.S – If I ever buy a drone, someone please remind me what annoying little b*stards they were when we were trying to peacefully watch the sunset and they were humming around all over the place!

There was more traffic on the way back to Kuta, where we said goodbye to Tony. And then it was time to say bye to Chris and Annika too, after a week of long bus journeys together chatting away about anything and everything, I was really going to miss them both! If you’re reading, I hope you guys are both well and to visit you in Germany soon!

My next stop was Ubud, and my Airbnb host, Nyoman, picked me up from Chris and Annika’s hotel in Kuta ready for the next chapter of my adventure…!

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