It’s your choice

If you’re totally content with life, or at least 90% content and 10% accepting of the things you can’t change, then that’s awesome! You probably don’t need to read this post! However, for many of us it’s easy to feel lost, or unhappy with our current situation without knowing what we can do about it. You may feel like life’s unfair, or you’re stuck in a dead end job that’s sucking your soul every day, or that you’re unhappy with your relationships. Maybe you think you’re not capable of doing anything else. Maybe you wonder what it would be like to be living the life you see other people living in magazines or on social media. Maybe you’re tired of just feeling stuck.

What if I told you that you can change all that?

Now I understand, there are some situations that can’t be helped, like (god forbid) you were involved in an accident that has completely changed your life or something similar. That’s a whole other kettle of fish that I won’t get into in this post. Here I’m talking to people who are generally unhappy with the way their life is heading, and who need a little help to shift their perspective.

Where you are in life right now is a direct result of decisions you have made.

If you’re working a job you hate, you took that job. If you’re in a shitty relationship, you agreed to be part of it. If you don’t feel like you’ve got any hobbies, you’re the one not dedicating yourself to anything.

It sounds harsh, but I used to be in this situation. I used to feel totally stuck, I had no self worth, I didn’t think I would be capable of doing anything better, so I never really allowed myself to dream about what I could be doing with my life. Until I realised that it was all down to me. No-one else was going to change my situation for me.

So then I started taking action, I handed in my notice at work and I signed up for courses that were going to get me closer to where I wanted to be. I started using positive mantras to give me some self belief. I read a lot of self development books. I dreamed big and set goals. And now everything is moving in the right direction. I have no idea if it’ll all work out, but I do know that I’m constantly moving forwards now instead of being stuck in the negative cycle I was in before.

Photo by Lucy Savage

The only way you’re going to live the life of your dreams is if you have the belief that you are worthy of it, and you take action to get yourself there. The life you are living is your choice, so if you’re unhappy with it, change it.

Try new hobbies, see what sticks. See what you enjoy, what lights a fire inside you. You might try 24 different activities before you find “the one”, but you’ll get there eventually. If you’re in a bad relationship, try and work things out, talk to each other, or, if it’s at breaking point, leave. It sounds harsh but you deserve more than to be dragged back by things that are no longer serving you.

Take the leap. It’s okay to fail. It’s okay to be scared (it is scary as hell, but also exciting and exhilarating and breathtaking). It’s okay to not know exactly where you want to be, or exactly what you want to be doing. The important thing is that you’re making moves in the right direction. Don’t spend your life wishing for greater things, because I promise you, everything is within your grasp if you’re willing to go for it wholeheartedly and with determination and dedication.

It’s your choice.


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