Health Benefits of being in Nature

Sorry for my absence over the last couple of weeks! Things have been a little hectic round here and to be completely honest, I’ve not felt inspired to write a lot at the moment! I don’t want to just bring you posts for the sake of it, but I do want to try and be more consistent, so I am going to spend more time actually planning content rather than feeling rushed to write a post each week.

Anywho, this weekend I went on a gorgeous little walk in the woods, surrounded by bluebells, and it did indeed inspire me to write a post all about how getting out into nature can be super beneficial. Plus, it’s a great follow on from my last post about the health benefits of the ocean! Here are the top reasons why getting outside can be great for our health:

1. Encourages Exercise

We all know that exercise is great for both our physical and mental health, but you don’t need to be going for a 10 mile run to feel the benefits of exercising outdoors. Even a short walk to get yourself out of the house/office will make a noticeable difference to your wellbeing.

2. Improved Eye Health

While you’re out for your walk, try to keep your phone in your pocket. So many of us spend most of our waking hours staring at a screen of some sort, be it a computer, phone or TV. Getting outside gives our eyes a much needed rest, helping especially to combat CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome). Even if you’re not constantly looking at a screen, just the artificial light from being stuck indoors can have a detrimental impact on our eyesight, which is relieved by being out in the natural light.

3. Improved Sleep

Increasing our exposure to sunlight during the day also boosts our melatonin production at night, meaning a much better quality sleep! Getting outside each morning can also help bring your body back to a regular sleep pattern if it’s become irregular too.

4. Fresh Air is Amazing

Indoor pollutants are generally 2-5 times higher than outdoor pollutants, so it’s super important to get out there and breath in the good stuff! Fresh air also helps to clean your lungs and thus relieve respiratory diseases, as well as helping you become more mentally focused.

5. Psychological Benefits


6. Tops up Vitamin D

Most Brits are deficient in Vitamin D, especially through the winter months, and have to take supplements. Whenever you can, try to get around 15 minutes of sunlight to bare skin, such as the face and lower arms, before putting suncream on. This will give you enough of a boost to maintain this hormone, which is vital to us in many ways, including helping to maintain a healthy immune system.

7. It Grounds You

Next time you’re outside, try taking your shoes and socks off. The rubber soles of our shoes prevent us from absorbing the earth’s electrons, so when we stand barefoot on the ground we are able to absorb them and thus reap their energising and anti-inflammatory benefits to our bodies.

8. Boosts Creativity

Found yourself in a creative block? My walk in the woods inspired me to write this very post, and a little time spent in nature could do the same for you too! The sense of awe you get from being surrounded by beauty may just help you break out of your rut, or encourage you to find new ways to increase your creativity in life.


So there are my 8 reasons why getting outside can be so beneficial to our health! What’s your favourite thing about getting outside? I’ve got my fingers crossed that the sun is around to stay now…!



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