A Reintroduction

Oh hi there! 

Anyone else having an existential crisis after too many weeks of lockdown? 

Some of you may remember that a few years ago I had a blog on which I wrote about all the things I loved – mostly running and food. Well, when I decided to become self employed, I got rid of the blog. I started listening to all the business gurus who tell you exactly what to post on social media and when, and although I do like talking about health and wellbeing, it started to not feel genuine. 

I have been feeling restricted in what I can talk about, and I feel like I’m “selling” all the time. For some people, this may be okay, and believe me, I’ve tried to be okay with selling. I’ve done all the research on how to make it feel more natural, but realistically whenever I start a conversation with someone on social media, even if I’m not trying to tell them about my services, it’s still there in the undercurrent. 

So, I’m making a few changes around here!


First up, I’m starting this here blog, where I get to write, on my own schedule, about anything I like! And this will include helpful content about yoga, fitness and healthy living, just as the old one did, but it will also include everything else I love in life! I want to share things I’m up to again, talk about things I love and share things I’m learning! 


I’m moving back to my old account. The account that has a huge chunk of my life on, but I left behind to start a new account for the business. I will be getting rid of the business account so that things are less confusing, so if you only follow me on that one right now and you’d like to stay connected, please head over to my old account and say hi!


For all of my lovely members, do not panic! The membership is going nowhere and I’ll still be continuing adding content the same as I do now! I love teaching yoga and fitness classes, especially during the current climate as I’ve been teaching live classes and getting to connect with you all! 

A screenshot from one of my live classes!

However, I don’t think being fully self employed is right for me at this time in my life. There are lots of reasons behind this, COVID has thwarted our Plan A for one thing. But although I love the teaching side of my job, I don’t enjoy marketing or selling my own services, I’m not a… “natural” accountant let’s say, and I feel like I spend the majority of my time doing these things rather than continuing to learn and developing as a teacher. 

So, I have plans to move into a new career (more on that in another post), that will still enable me to help people, it’ll open up opportunities to work in other countries and it will mean I actually become a better fitness professional – can you guess what it is?! 

So, that’s it! That’s where I’m currently at! I feel like I’m coming back to the true April Joy and it feels great! I get to keep teaching, but also keep yoga and fitness as a passion rather than having the pressure to sell all the time. 

Here I am, enjoying a turbo trainer session with our little dog in tow.

This post is getting rather lengthy, so if you’ve made it this far, congratulations and thank you! 

I’m off to write the next post now! 


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