A Career Shift

In a recent post, I talked about a new career direction that I’m hoping to take, so I thought I’d do a little post just now to tell you more! 

It all started with coronavirus. Well, not quite. Let me give you the briefest background I can… 

When I was looking at leaving the military many years ago, I’d taken a look at doing an (at the time) NHS funded degree. As much as I’d loved playing music, I wasn’t feeling fulfilled. I wanted to do something that would help others. 

Long story short, after a trip to Bali where I discovered yoga, I decided yoga teacher and fitness professional was the way forward. I had planned to just move abroad on leaving the band service, and see where the wind would take me. But then, I fell in love, and we ended up staying in the UK, as Lucy’s still in the military.  (Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather be anywhere with Lucy than anywhere without her!)

I started teaching classes here, and we had the plan to move to Spain and run a fitness business together sometime in the near future. But now, that’s all had to change, and here’s where we catch up to the confusing, life-altering time we’re currently living in. Coronavirus-time! 

Ah, Spain…

Any time over the next few years is probably not going to be great to start a business, in a foreign country, especially with Brexit (remember when we were all talking about Brexit?) making it harder for us to get residency there as well! So, we’ve had to make a pretty big shift in our pathway and it’s been a really tough pill to swallow. We were super excited about the prospect of moving abroad, but we just have to keep telling ourselves that just because now isn’t the right time, doesn’t mean that we’ll never achieve it some day! 

So, what’s the plan now? 

I want to go back to school! 

I could continue to try and build the business here, once this is all over, but as I’ve spoken about before, there are many aspects to self employment that I don’t enjoy, like marketing and selling! I’m going to keep running the membership, and I’m currently studying for a sports massage qualification so that I can add that to my services too. I want to keep teaching, but I don’t want it to be my main gig right now. The future is looking uncertain for small businesses, and after the government’s not-so-great help for start-ups, we’re just lucky right now that we’ve still got Lucy’s wage to keep us going!

I would like to become a physiotherapist. 

Being a runner, I’ve seen many physiotherapists in my time and always thought it looked like a great environment to work in. Before I thought I was interested in it as a career path, I knew someone studying physiotherapy and he told me about many other aspects of it as well. Way back then, I thought it was mostly about treating sports injuries (the only type of physiotherapy I’d experienced), but I then learned there is so much more to it, like treating respiratory, cardiovascular and neurological conditions as well! 

Right now, I feel I’m still most interested in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, but I’m completely open to whichever direction it pulls me in. That’s if I even make it that far! First step is to do an Access to Higher Education course which I’m going to be starting imminently! 

Then I have to actually be accepted on the course before I can get too excited! It’s going to be a long road, but I’ll keep you updated along the way! 

I feel physiotherapy will give me such a deeper level of understanding of the body, and movement. I already love hearing that people who come to my classes experience better flexibility, mobility and strength! I think it’ll make me a better teacher but more importantly, open many doors to other career pathways that make a difference to people’s lives.

So, that’s the current direction I’m heading! I’ve never been to university, so although I’m trying not to get my hopes up as I have a year of hard work ahead of me before taking that step, I’m still excited at the thought of going, learning, growing in confidence and being able to help people, with a more stable career path going into the future! 

Did you go to university?

Have you ever considered moving abroad?


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