Weekly Roundup: Rainbows & Dalgonas

Hello there! I hope you’ve had a lovely sunny week! 

I’m back with another little roundup of what I’ve been up to this week, and today I’m starting with running! 

I hate saying it because I feel like I’m going to jinx it, but I’m so far managing to stay injury free on the plan I’m doing. I’ve only got 2 weeks to go and I’ll be running my first 5k for a long time. I’ve really been focusing on going slow and thinking about my form. I know I’ve lost a lot of speed since I was running regularly (pre-injury), so when I set out on my 5k it won’t be about speed that’s for sure! 

It’ll be a good way to finish the plan, with hopefully a solid, pain free, 5k under my belt, and from there I can start to gradually add some speed work back in. I think I’ll talk more about all this in another post though! 

That does move me nicely into what attire I wore for my mid-week run: this top from M&S sent to me by my sister.

It was so lovely to get a little surprise in the post! We were also sent this beautiful rainbow from my nephew too! 

I’m missing not being able to see my family, because despite the new rules, they live too far away for me to visit them in just one day. But I’m feeling uplifted by the ease of the restrictions and have my fingers crossed that all goes well and we do a little bit more over the coming weeks too! 

Another little positive from this week is that we’ve started making our own snacks! This week we made tahini cookies and energy balls. We’ve been enjoying them around 3pm in the garden with the odd Dalgona coffee too! I’m not sure why this coffee has suddenly taken off, but I quite like it. I normally do my workouts either just before lunch or at around 2pm, so they make a good post workout snack with my coffee/chocolate milk (I know, I sound like a child, but it’s a good recovery drink by all accounts!).

Finally, I’m very excited that I’ve taken the first step towards becoming a Physiotherapist by enrolling in a Distance Learning Access to Higher Education Course. I decided to go with Biology and Psychology as the only requirement was the Biology aspect for the University I’m hoping to go to, and Psychology is something I was interested in at college but didn’t take! I’m still super nervous about this whole process. It’s definitely the path I’ve got my heart set on, but who knows if I’ll actually get into Uni next year? Especially now that COVID-19 means that there’ll potentially be more applicants for 2021… But, if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be eh! I should be getting started with my access course on May 25th, so I’ll keep you updated on how it’s going throughout! 

Tonight we’ve got a family quiz to finish off a rather positive week! I hope you have a lovely evening and Happy Monday!

What have your highlights of this week been?

Have you been able to see any family members since the restrictions have been lifted?


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