Weekly Roundup: Strong running and a new beginning!

Well hey there! 

How are you? This week has been pretty good here I feel! I really can’t believe what fantastic weather we’re getting, it really is making this whole situation feel a lot better! 

This week started with the arrival of my new laptop! *Spoiler alert*: It’s pretty rubbish! Thing is, I always use Lucy’s MacBook, and now that I’m taking on an Access to Higher Education course, as well as my Sports Massage course, and doing all the work for the membership, I felt it best that I had my own laptop to work on! 

I also absolutely adore our office and having the doors open in the summer to let blue sky and fresh air in!

I’ll still be doing my membership stuff on the mac, but I can do my courses and type essays etc all on the laptop – which will free up many hours of mac time per week for Lucy! 

I went for an Asus Vivobook; it was super cheap, and the screen resolution is so bad that I can’t actually read some of the text labels on images for some of my courses! BUT it’s good enough to write essays on, and I’ve got my iPad Pro if I need to see something a little clearer! It may seem pretty boring, but the whole thing is quite exciting, as Monday I’ll actually be starting the Access Course, so the ball is getting rolling towards hopefully becoming a physiotherapist some day!

On a more health and fitness side, we’ve enjoyed some great walks this week! I met up with a couple of friends (on separate occasions) which was lovely, and got us going to different places than the usual!

At Burrator Reservoir

We’ve also been doing more experimenting in the kitchen. Lucy baked some sugar free banana bread for us to have as “3’o’clocksies” this week which was delish! The Dalgona coffees are still going down well too, though I have also taken to enjoying a post-run chocolate milk from time to time! 

Speaking of drinks, I got it in my head that I wanted to track how much water a day I’ve been drinking, out of interest, so, to Lucy’s dismay, I purchased this hideous and obnoxiously large 2.2L bottle.

The first day, I actually got through 2 of these! I did do a particularly hard workout though, and taught my online classes in the morning, so I was definitely more thirsty through the day! Then yesterday was one and a half bottles, and currently it’s 5pm and I’m yet to finish one, despite having done my final run of the week today! Best get glugging! 

And that leads my lastly on to running, which is something else that has gone particularly well this week! The run from our house is not the most enjoyable, as it’s pretty much downhill all the way out and uphill all the way home. But I’m still not feeling pain anywhere, apart from a teensy bit in my shins, which is great! Today we drove down to a park so that I could run somewhere slightly different, and it was so nice! The sun was shining and I felt strong. Not fast, but strong, and that’s all I can ask for right now

Feeling happy as a clam out on my final run of the week!

I’ve just got next week to go and I’ll have completed the 7 week walk to run program, and I’ll be ready to start taking on some speed work, I hope! 

So, that’s pretty much been my week!

How’s your week been?

2.2L bottles, love them or hate them? (I don’t think I’d actually be seen out of the house with mine!)


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