Completing my walk to run program!

After 7 weeks, I finished my walk to run program! I talked about it a little in this post, and the plan I used is from Runner’s World and can be found here!

I can’t quite believe I’m at the end already; the last 7 weeks have just flown by! I didn’t miss a single workout, which also surprised me as normally injury would mean skipping a run here and there. The whole point of me doing this however, was to get back into running without injuring myself, so the mission has been accomplished!

I really enjoyed the program because it felt sensible and challenging at the same time. I’ve only ever done very basic walk to run programs in the past, built on 5 minute chunks, eg: run 30 seconds, walk 4 minutes 30 seconds for a total of half an hour, then the following week would be: run 1 minute, walk 4 minutes for 30 minutes. Boring right? This program had different length workouts, including good warm up and cool down time, as well as getting me spending up to an hour on my feet at times, with over half an hour of total running time within that.

I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it, especially to anyone who is already a runner and has been off with injury (like me!). I did the program for people who’s goal is “to run non-stop”, but they have other programs for complete beginners on there too!

Mission accomplished: 5k complete!

A few weeks ago I ordered a virtual running medal with donations going to charity, so I’m hoping that will arrive soon to mark the occasion of me completing my first non-stop 5k in a very long time! I’ve never ordered a virtual medal before, but it seemed like a fun thing to do to give me some more motivation and do something good for charity.

So where from here?

I completed the final run today and man was it hot! I went steady, which I needed to in all honesty. If I’d have tried to run fast, I think I’d have been disappointed with my time, which I spoke about in this post. Instead, I focused on my form and just thought about getting the distance done without needing to stop. I actually completed it in near enough bang on 30 minutes, so a good number to work with moving forward!

I’m hoping to add in some speed work, though very gradually, over the coming months and weeks, to show my legs how to move a bit faster again! I’ll also keep up with strength training and HIIT sessions when I’m not running, and keep doing my running specific exercises and stretches to help keep me injury free!

Have you ever done a walk to run program?

Do you know any good post-walk to run programs I can do from here?


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