Weekly Roundup: Lots of Beach Time!

Okay so this post is a day late, but I couldn’t miss last week’s round up because we got to the beach several times and it was fabulous!

We really are so lucky with this weather. I’m in a good routine at the moment of getting a lot of work done in the morning, and even though most days I work in the afternoons too, I am able to change the plans around a bit to go for a lovely walk!

One very happy pup on the beach in Torpoint

This week we’ve been to the beach 3 times – the best time being when we went up to Exmouth as I had to collect a flute from Exeter, so we headed to Krispies for some fish and chips before chilling on the beach for a few hours.

Our final beachy walk was at Wembury, which was a bit blustery but still beautiful. It makes me really thankful to live in such a scenic part of the country!

This week I also started my Access to Higher Education course. It’s all a bit complicated at the moment but I think I’ll get into the swing of it! If you’ve been reading this blog, or any of my past blogs, for a while, you’ll know I’m not very good at keeping things short and sweet! This is a problem for me as I now have to write to a word count!!

Food wise, we’ve been changing it up and making a lot of Joe Wicks recipes recently, which we’ve been loving. We were in a rut of eating the same foods day in, day out, so it’s been great to mix things up!

Finally, I completed my walk to run program this week! Yay! I expanded on this a bit more in this post, but I kind of have mixed emotions about it… I really enjoyed the program, and I would recommend it, but now I have to deal with the fact that I’m much slower than I was before. I think it’s just knocked my confidence a bit in some ways, but I also know I’d rather be slow and injury free than fast and injured!

After I post this, I’m going to look for some ideas of where to go next, like should I do a 5k to 10k program, or should I work on a speed program? I’ll let you know!

What have you been up to this week?

What would your next step after a walk to run be?


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