Weekly Roundup: Birthdays and beaches

This week has been mostly focused around my parter Lucy’s birthday! I taught live classes on the membership on Monday and Wednesday, plus made sure I’d done all my studying and sent off my first assessment for my Access course, so that I could take Thursday and Friday fully off to celebrate!

Despite the weather turning, we still had a pretty great time! We kicked off the celebrations on Thursday with some birthday pancakes, followed by a social distance walk with Lucy’s twin brother and his wife. We played some outdoor games including quoits and bowls which was good fun!

Now that we’re able to have garden parties with small groups of people, we were able to have a BBQ that evening which was also great! Earlier in the week we went for our first picnic with a small group of friends which was fantastic; it’s so nice to finally be able to socialise again!

On her actual birthday, we went for a picnic on the beach, again with her brother and his wife. It was pretty chilly, but we had a good spread! This was followed by a walk, then home for some cake!

I made a triple layer chocolate cake, which had a brownie layer in the middle! Lucy and I played one of her new games before we had pizza for tea and played games on Jackbox TV with the siblings over video call!

If you’ve not got Jackbox TV, it’s so much fun and a great laugh! Lucy’s brother’s got it and we’re currently debating whether we should get it ourselves…!

Yesterday was my favourite day of all though. We met up with some other friends for a walk (which turned into a bit of an adventure when we tried to take a shortcut) and then went for a sea swim! I love getting in the water and this was our first proper swim of the year (not like our sunny but chilly quick dip in our bikinis last week!)

The spot for our sea swim

When we got out of the sea we got our first takeaway coffee of lockdown, stopped off at a great pasty shop on the way back and shared a delicious pasty to help us warm up! When we got home, we had coffee and cake, played games, watched a movie and just had a proper relaxed afternoon! I’m not very good at downtime, so this was an achievement for me!

Finally, a little running update. I’ve decided I’m going to try and work on my speed a bit over the coming weeks. This week I did my first little baby speed session – 3 minutes at a moderate/hard pace and 2 mins recovery, 4 times through! I was also pleased to run a 5k that felt pretty easy, whilst knocking 2 minutes off my “end of plan” 5k time from the previous week! Now I’m off to run 3.5 miles, and the plan is to gradual increase the mileage at the weekend, but keep the pace very easy. So it’s 1x speed session, 1x easy 5k, 1x very easy “long run”. Plus 2 strength/HIIT workouts and 2 rest days.

Have you every played Jackbox TV?

What’s your favourite kind of cake?


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