2021km in 2021

I’m not sure if I’m totally crazy, but I thought I’d give myself a little challenge in 2021. I mean, 2020 was a bit of a shitshow wasn’t it? I didn’t really feel like I had much direction, plans kept changing and I couldn’t figure out what I was meant to be doing in life.

Well, the good news is that I think we’re finally settled on an exciting “Plan A” and a solid back up of a “Plan B” should we need it. It’s going to take some patience, and I’ll share more about it a little later down the line, as we have quite a few hurdles to jump through and I don’t want to jinx anything, but it’ll be bloody brilliant if our plan comes to fruition!

So, for the next year or so, we’re pretty settled where we are. I’m not trying to run businesses any more, I’m not having a midlife crisis, and world is still going to be healing, so we’ve accepted that there most likely won’t be much opportunity to travel. I’ve got a few things that I’m working on, but we will have a bit of a routine in life, which is unusual for us!

Suddenly I’ve found that I have a bit of space. When you run a business, you never have any downtime, but now I find myself with time to think! Our future plans are pretty exciting, but like I said, we’ll probably have around a year of waiting, which we intend to enjoy! We’ll take the opportunity to explore our own country, and I have decided to take on a little challenge of my own…

I’m going to try and run 2021km in 2021! Well, I say run, but as you’ll read as I explain further, it’s probably going to be more of a plod! Now, I know this is potentially a really huge challenge, however, my adventure role-model, Anna McNuff, says a good challenge is one that sounds exciting, but you’re also not sure if you’ll actually be able to complete it!

Well, I’m not sure! But if I don’t, it’s no big deal. It’s just a personal challenge, no fundraising or anyone to let down. I think the only reason that I don’t complete it will be through injury, which, although I’m going to be taking lots of care, you can never guarantee that it won’t happen!

Now then, this challenge is not about speed. It’s not about running fast, not at all. If anything, it’s about running slow! My aim is to complete as much of it on trails as possible. I want to use running to find and explore new places, in Devon, Cornwall and maybe further afield if Covid allows. I want to run along, walk in places I need to, stop to take pictures, stop for coffee and cake, but just power myself on my own two feet over 2021km over the course of this year!

I’m also doing it to fall back in love with running again. It’s something I used to enjoy so much; I really was a “runner”. But over the years I have had injury after injury and it’s held me back. By choosing to run this at my pace, rather than as fast as I can because Strava’s watching, I’m hoping to take it easy and avoid injury as much as possible. That being said, I will be recording the runs on Strava so that I can track the kms!

Finally, on a similar note, I’m doing this as a way of looking after my body a little better. I’ve planned out the first few months, gradually building the mileage. I’ll also be making sure to actually stretch, and continue doing strength workouts.

Lucy and I have also just ordered gravel bikes, so we’re super excited to get out on those! I just have a good feeling that this year will be more about getting active, getting adventurous and enjoying this country! We are both travellers at heart, but when we think about it, there are so many places we’ve not explored in the UK yet, so what better time than now?


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