The Most Fun I’ve Had On Two Legs

Last week, I headed to a local National Trust Spot with Lucy for a dog walk/run. Lucy’s recovering from a knee injury, so she’s not running with me currently, therefore the plan was for me to run 4km and loop back to her to continue a dog walk.

I only needed to do a short run to complete my target mileage for that week, so off I set in my trail shoes for a mini adventure! Given the weather has been blimmin’ awful as of late, I spent the next half hour splashing around through the mud, having an absolute whale of a time. I would say I was slightly disappointed to end the run after just 4km, but knowing that I was going to stay outside with my love and our dog, enjoying some fresh air and a cheeky hot chocolate, I wasn’t all that sad!

The following day was Monday, the start of a brand new week and 20km to complete in total. Lucy was working, the weather was gorgeous (for once!) and Ruby needed a walk. I looked at her, and I knew that she was thinking the same as me… “Let’s go back to Plymbridge!”

So, off we went! I’m gonna put it out there now, I wore a jumper because it was freezing in our house, but this was a big mistake. I know, I regret not wearing my normal running top, let’s move on!

I didn’t really have a distance target in my head, but generally we try and walk Rubes for an hour or longer, so if I could plod around for that long, that would be perfect. Again, I sploshed my way through the mud along the bank of the river, Ruby darting in and out of the bushes along the path.

I love running with Ruby. Walking feels so slow, like I’m missing out. When I run, I don’t feel like I’m taking her for a walk, I feel like we’re on an adventure together. I feel like I’m having just as much fun as she is.

When we got to a fork on the trail, I let her decide our path. I followed her up a trail, up and up, and I realised I was nearing the 5km mark. It was tough going, but I kept my pace nice and easy and utterly loved the experience. I’d barely seen another soul the entire time, which was also bliss in the stress of Covid times.

That being said, I do miss the running community. I’ll definitely be looking into joining some running clubs when we’re allowed to socialise again!

I hit 5km and turned around – at least it was downhill the whole way back! 10km in the bag and it was only Monday! I did wonder where that path led though… maybe that’ll be an adventure for this week!

All in all, that was the most fun I’ve had on two legs in a very long time, and that’s my goal with this running challenge! I want to get out, explore, not worry about pace, enjoy the fresh air and have loads of fun!


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