2021km Challenge: January

I meant to write this post at the end of January, yet here we are already a solid week (and a bit) into February! My bad. Anyway, just wanted to write a little update on the first month of the challenge!

January km: 85.71

Total km: 85.71

How’s it gone so far? Pretty well actually! I feel like I’ve really fallen back in love with running, and you know what the key has been? Going slooooow. Going real slow, not pushing myself too hard and enjoying every step!

You may think this sounds a little lazy, but I genuinely haven’t picked up a single injury yet. Last year, I attempted numerous times to get back into running. I would update my strava with “easy” runs that were definitely making me out of breath to say the least! Then, a couple of weeks in, my shins would start hurting, or something else would start niggling, and I’d be left disappointed.

Now, as well as taking to the trails more often, I’m just plodding along slowly and it’s working like a dream I tell you! I mean, I’ve probably jinxed it now… but fingers crossed if I carry on like this I’ll hit my target for February too!

The moral of the story: you don’t have to race yourself every time you go for a jog! Slow down and enjoy it!


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