Personal Training

Whatever your fitness goals, I have the skills to help you achieve them. Whether you’re looking to improve strength, cardiovascular fitness or you’re working towards something more specific, personal training sessions are the fastest and most effective way for you to get to where you want to be! 

What to expect

With me as your personal trainer, you’ll set measurable and achievable goals so that you can see your progress. Although getting fit is your priority, my priority is to make sure you’re performing exercises with the correct technique in order to reduce risk of injury and enable you to achieve far better results! You’ll train smart, which means no more time-wasting, long, boring workouts! It means shorter, more intense workouts incorporating a variety of exercises to achieve the best results. Having a personal trainer means you’ll feel more motivated and you’ll have accountability to show up to sessions and complete your workouts in between. Most importantly, you’ll have fun along the way! I love using a variety of exercises and making training enjoyable so that you’ll reap the benefits for years to come! 

Sessions can be held in person either at your home or in a local park (in the Plymouth area). If you’re not local, I also offer online training via Zoom.

What does it cost?

Your first 60 minute session is completely free! We’ll discuss where you’re at, what your goals are and how I can help you achieve them. You’ll also get to experience a workout so you can see if you like my training style!

If you enjoy your free initial session and you’re ready to get started on your fitness goals, session prices are as follows:

Individual 60 Minute Session (in person): £30

Individual 60 Minute Session (online): £20

12 Week Package (in person) – £300 (2 free sessions! Save £60!)

12 Week Package (online) – £200 (2 free sessions! Save £40!)

To book your free session or make an enquiry, please click here